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Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Microsoft's most advanced desktop operating system, Windows XP, is at the center of ongoing personal computing innovation. With Windows XP, home users can experience the digital world like never before, while business users can work smarter and faster.

 Microsoft Windows XP Professional Desktop Solution:

Designed for businesses of all sizes and for home users who demand the most from their computing experience, Windows XP Professional delivers the new standard in reliability and performance. It includes all the great features and new visual design of Windows XP Home Edition, plus premier security and privacy features, advanced recovery options, improved ability to connect to large networks, and much more.

Windows XP Professional gives your small business the dependability you need to get the most from your computers and stay better connected with customers and business partners. It sets a new standard with a reliable foundation you can count on to keep your computers up and running.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Microsoft Windows XP Pro:

bulletExperience Less Downtime with a System That Stays Up and Running
bulletWork from Anywhere
bulletCommunicate and Connect Easily with Customers and Partners
bulletShare Control of Your Computer to Get Help
bulletReverse Harmful System Changes
bulletProtect Your Important Business Documents and Information
bulletControl Which Users Have Access to Sensitive Data
bulletComplete Tasks More Efficiently
bulletShare Computers and Network Resources
bulletGet Connected to the Internet Quickly and Securely

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